Pastor Scott T. Imler
Born a third generation only son in Kirkwood, Missouri on January 25th, the 2nd child of Martha Jane Foley-White of Cincinatti, OH and Jimmy Ross Imler of Kirkwood, MO.
Attended Westchester Elementary, North Kirkwood Junior High, and Kirkwood Senior High from which I graduated in Class of '76 as a National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist, with interests in photography, theatre, and journalism. Am an Eagle Scout, horseman, speed skater, water and snow skier. Five days after graduating, moved to California to pursue acting for which I had decidedly less talent than ambition. Reality landed me in teaching civics and government in the Santa Cruz Court and Community Schools, then off to San Francisco for a decade of local, state, and federal political campaign work, eventually moving to Los Angeles as Co-Author of Proposition 215 (Medical Marijuana) passed by 56% of California voters in November 1996. Founder and President of the LA Cannabis Resource Center, the regions first medical cannabis cooperative cultivation project, widely regarded by among others the National Academy of Sciences/Insitute of Medicine as the model program of its kind in the nation. Six weeks after the September 11th treason, the BushCroft Administration -with nothing better to do I guess - sent in federal agents to raid, confiscate, forfeit, and indict me and two others for violating the federal "crack-house" statute.  While awaiting trial I was diagnosed with stage 3-b inoperable lung cancer and given a 17% chance of survival, which forced me to accept a plea agreement.  On November 24, 2003, invoking a seldom use doctrine of "lesser harm," U.S. District Court Judge A. Howard Matz departed from federal mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines and sentenced me to one year probation, 100 hours of community service, and a $100 court fee. One week later, after five months of chemo-therapy and radiation the medical miracle-workers at the City of Hope National Cancer Center removed a soft-ball sized tumor attached to the upper lobe of my left lung and the back side of my heart.  One month later, with an unexpected future I was touring the Claremont School of Theology and entered their Local Pastor Licensing Program. On July 1, 2005 five I was appointed to serve my own local congregation at Crescent Heights United Methodist Church, in West Hollywood, CA.  Pastor Scott is a 16 year resident of West Hollywood and is an unapologetic, eco-vangelical, LGBT liberationist Christic lay minister, with liberal little "d" democratic tendencies and a radical centrist pragmatism in support of co-occupreneurial new urban enterprise and local community resilience . Until September 1, 2011 Scott served under appointment for six years  as a Local Pastor at Crescent Heights United Methodist Church of West Hollywood when the regional Cal-Pac Annual Conference "discontinued" the largely LGBT congregation effective August 30th 2011.) Currently Founder / Pastor & Servant General of the Crescent Knights' Midnight Ministry of West Hollywood , an urban search and rescue team playing Red Rover at the crossroads of sin and death  in the shadow of the Sunset Strip, providing support services to young men and women coming out of drug abuse, prostitution, domestic violence and homelessness. Happily married July 25, 2008 during the Rainbow Summer of Love to my partner of now 24 years, Dr. Geroge S. Leddy, PhD, an Environmental Science and Policy professor at Los Angles Valley College and the Coordinator of Sustainable Development Curriculum for the Los Angleles Community College District.
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