Update: Newport-Mesa School Board Fires Superintendent Jeffrey Hubbard

The former BHUSD superintendent will still be able to collect his six-figure pension.

The Newport-Mesa Board of Education voted unanimously Tuesday to terminate the contract of Superintendent Jeffrey Hubbard, the former superintendent of the Beverly Hills Unified School District who was convicted Monday of two counts of . 

The NMUSD school board announced it will start looking to hire a new superintendent by July 1. In the meantime, Deputy Superintendent Paul Reed will serve as superintendent until March 5, or until an interim superintendent can be found.

A Los Angeles County Superior Court jury found Hubbard, 54, guilty of illegally diverting funds to former BHUSD facilities director , with whom he had , but acquitted him of a third charge involving another BHUSD employee.

Hubbard had taken five months of voluntary paid leave to prepare for his defense. He returned to his post at NMUSD last June. He did not attend Tuesday's school board meeting.

With his sentencing scheduled for Feb. 23, Hubbard faces a maximum of five years in prison. Still, he will not lose his pension. According to the Orange County Register, Hubbard turns 55 this week and is eligible to retire with a pension of nearly $120,000 a year.

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Brian David Goldberg, PhD January 25, 2012 at 09:46 PM
It is a real problem when a person is convicted of a felony for breaching the public trust that he/she can still collect 100% of their pension. This is yet another example of why serious pension reform is needed.
Mary Petzold February 23, 2012 at 10:05 PM
Are school pension plans a state issue? If they are a good reason states do not need to have more control over our collective tax systems. As most are broke, to close to the good old boy networks and local unions.... No way should anyone committing such a crime have benefits... And, this goes all the way to our government officials from Fed., State and local. We are seeing now how laws, crimes and punishments are very different for elected people... Or within our corporations or society.. Time for regulations and more people to make sure they are enforced. Time for new laws and reason to let someone go without benefits. Time to see merit from leaders, no more above the law attitudes or rewards. .


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