Convicted Ex-BHUSD Superintendent Hubbard Says He Is Innocent

After spending four days in jail, former BHUSD Superintendent Jeffrey Hubbard has created a Twitter account this week to help clear his name.

Jeffrey Hubbard, who was recently fired as superintendent of the Newport-Mesa Unified School District, created a Twitter account this week to help clear his name, the Daily Pilot reported.

Hubbard was convicted in January on two felony counts of misappropriation of public funds while working as superintendent of the Beverly Hills Unified School District. He was but was released after serving four days.

In his recent tweets Hubbard claims he was wrongfully convicted and says there were maggots and flies in his cell.

Recent Tweets:

  • "I was wrongly convicted in January 2012 of a crime I did not commit. I was sentenced in Feb 2012 to 60 days in jail & fined. I am innocent."
  • "I was forced to undress in front of female guards who commented on many naked male inmates bodies—some cruel comments toward large men."
  • "I was placed in "isolation" as a high profile case. That is a euphemism for solitary confinement—no visitors, speaking, phone calls."
  • "Before you judge—GET THE FACTS ABOUT MY LEGAL CASE! Supts. can't write checks or force payments—they can only INITIATE a process."
  • "I arrived on Thursday with food in my cell—I was "thrown" food 3 times a day—leftovers went rancid—maggots and flies in my cell."

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