Times Again Calls for End to Subway Fight

The newspaper publishes another editorial denouncing Beverly Hills' opposition to a tunnel under the high school.

The Los Angeles Times on Tuesday published another editorial critical of the city's attempts to thwart Metro from tunneling under Beverly Hills High School.

The newspaper, which has run several opinion articles urging the city to accept the Metropolitan Transportation Authority board's approval of a route that goes under BHHS, framed this latest rhetorical salvo in the context of the 2013 Beverly Hills City Council election:

Beverly Hills' embarrassing battle against the Westside subway extension, which emerged as a major political issue last year, is becoming one of the key issues in the March 5 city elections. With the lines hardening between those determined to take legal action to stop the construction of a tunnel under the local high school, which they fear will endanger students, and those who see that route as the safest alternative, we urge residents to consider the scientific and engineering reality rather than merely relying on emotion. In other words: Stop gumming up the rails, Beverly Hills, for your own sake and L.A.'s.

Mayor William Brien has voiced his own reservations about the subway, but to his credit, he has sought to avoid a costly legal fight against the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, whose board last May approved a plan to route the train under Beverly Hills High School. As a result, Brien has been heavily criticized by his political opponents. We're not endorsing Brien or any candidate in the city race this year, but in the case of the subway, he's right not to pick a fight.

The editorial goes on to attempt to assuage safety concerns expressed by Beverly Hills city officials, school board members and residents.

Last week the city filed a second lawsuit, this time in federal court, that attempts to block the Westside Subway Extension.

Click here to read the entire Times editorial.

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Gary Gorlick February 20, 2013 at 04:11 PM
Q: Do we long-time readers of the BH Patch detect BIAS? A: Yes.
Carol Spencer February 20, 2013 at 09:14 PM
To Beverly Hills Courier and those opposing the tunnel beneath your High School by Metro to finally achieve a subway that serves everyone - your suggestion to place the subway station adjacent to Beverly Hills city limits where the city is in the process of renovation might be said to be selfish.
Barry Brucker February 21, 2013 at 12:35 AM
And again, just last night another twisted and fabricated Clif Smith Courier headline read: “LA TIMES APPLAUDS MAYOR BRIEN FOR SUPPORTING SUBWAY UNDER BEVERLY HILLS HIGH SCHOOL” Here are the facts: 1. Mayor Willie Brien has stated scores of times at public Council Meetings, Debate forums and coffees that he OPPOSES the tunneling route under BHHS 2. Mayor Brien lead the City’s effort to promote the Santa Monica route and even suggested a location for a much needed Park n Ride. 3. Mayor Brien was the point person for the City for choosing the lawyers to file our suite against FTA/Metro If one is wondering why Smith through his gutter ball journalism is so vigorously attacking Mayor Brien here is the reason... Two years ago he told both Mayor Brien and me (BH Mayor '11) that if we DIDN'T vote for his favored Pasadena Rose Bowl Float ($300,000) and if we DID vote for the "TASTE" event sponsored by the LA Times (resulting in a $28K donation to BHEF) that he would "punish" us in his paper. Intimidation by Smith to vote his way or direct advertising to his paper is not new… just ask current or former Council Members, BHEF, The Chamber, CVB, City Hall and School Board. Simply put, non-resident Clif Smith cannot bully or intimidate lifelong resident Mayor Willie Brien and it simply kills him so his only retort is his toxic pen. When integrity and independence counts, Mayor Willie Brien is the clear choice. Barry Brucker-Council Member Mayor (2008 & 2011)
George Vreeland Hill February 21, 2013 at 04:32 AM
The L.A. Times must be scared that Beverly Hills will win this fight. They must be in bed with Metro. The Times also posts letters and other opinions supporting the subway going under BHHS, but will not publish anything from anyone who opposes it. The Times will tell you that their paper is for all people and that it takes no sides. The Times has shown its bias hand a number of times in support of Metro. However, that really does not matter. The facts will speak loud and clear in a court of law where Metro and its ongoing fraud in this matter will be exposed. There will be no tunnel under Beverly Hills High School when all is said and done.
Tom Pease February 21, 2013 at 05:45 AM
Except that if the station is on Santa Monica that parcel will not be "in the process of renovation", It will be a "full take" by Metro as a staging area for construction from Starbucks to Sonya Dakar for the entire time that leg of the subway is under construction according to Metro's on documents.
lalins February 21, 2013 at 04:52 PM
What is really at the heart of the Beverly Hills subway spat can be explained quite simply. Although there is no science to back up the claim, The Courier, along with some School Board members, homeowners association members and some city council candidates who are expressing an irrational fear that the tunneling alignment for the subway isn't safe ANYWHERE on the Beverly Hills High School campus. In reality, Supervisor Antonovich has them naively carrying his water to try and divert Federal transit funding from the Westside to his own district. I applaud Mayor Brien and Council Member Brucker for attempting to avoid a costly legal fight against the MTA and continuing to try and reach a compromise. The hysteria being perpetuated only serves the Courier publisher and the Supervisor's goals. Thankfully the citizens of our great city are starting to catch on.
centurycitysubway.org February 21, 2013 at 07:08 PM
This isn't about the Courier or Antonovich. It is about protecting and preserving Beverly Hills High School. The fact remains that a subway station at Santa Monica Blvd and Ave of the Stars would be cheaper, faster and have higher ridership than one located at Constellation. It also wouldn't require tunneling under BHHS, which is the main issue. Perhaps you can take a few moments to educate yourself about the true issues and stop the political spin. Visit http://centurycitysubway.org/common-questions/
A. ORDAZ February 21, 2013 at 09:35 PM
Let me be up front, I support the subway westward expansion. But I DO NOT support and will never support tunneling under a school full of kids. Regretfully Mayor Brien's "support" has been so anemic that if he were a patient, he would be in need of a serious transfusion. So much has been made out of the fact that "non resident Cliff Smith" does not live in Beverly Hills . . . . I would like to know who in the LA Times Editorial Board lives in Beverly Hills . . . and if they do does that somehow validate their opinion? Let's stop with this sophmoric macho ranting and get on with the business of telling the facts. NO SCHOOL in the state of California has heavy rail underneath permanent student buildings . . . . and Beverly Hills High School will not be the first, period end of story . . . . The choices are clear, if we want to be represented by leaders who will stand shoulder to shoulder with our Community and our School Families and protect our one and only high school then our choices for City Council must be Mirisch, Krasne and Rosenstein.
cutop February 21, 2013 at 10:16 PM
The fact remains that no scientific evidence has shown that building the subway under the high school is unsafe. In fact, just the opposite. Those opposed to building the subway under the high school have changed their rationale from earthquakes to methane gas to terrorist attacks to sinkholes to underground parking structures to weapons of mass destruction. When you keep shifting your rationale, don't be surprised when people accuse you of being shifty.


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