New Beverly Hills City Council Poised to Enter Centennial Year

New mayor John Mirisch, the vice mayor and two other council members are installed Wednesday night at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, stressing transparency and civic engagement.

Beverly Hills has a new city council that will help take the city into its centennial year celebrations.

John Mirisch, a former film executive from a family with a long history in the industry, was sworn in as mayor just after 9:30 p.m. by Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich.

Lili Bose was installed as vice mayor just afterwards. Former mayor William Brien also took an oath as continuing council member along with newly re-elected Nancy Krasne.

Government transparency was on the minds of many Wednesday, including Mirisch, who called for the creation of a Sunshine Taskforce in his speech from the stage at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

'Let's try to be a light unto other cities and a local government by, for and of the people, where the representatives are not politicians but public servants and where rather than dividing us, local government connects us," said Mirisch.

Expanding public participation was also a theme. The city's latest election attracted just six candidates for three seats, and had just over 21 percent turnout.

Transportation and mobility came up in several speeches Wednesday as well, with Krasne saying she would fight for a return to offering two-hours of free parking throughout the city.

Mirisch, in turn, emphasized his support for public transit--but not at the expense of the local schools, like Beverly Hills High School where Metro plans to build a transit tunnel.

Mirisch called on Antonovich from the stage to help him reach out to Metro with new State Geological Survey data that supports a rerouting of the subway tunnel planned to go under the high school.

Mirisch also emphasized the need to continue working with Southeast Beverly Hills on its revitalization, and for cost controls on government spending, especially in the area of employee pensions.

The three-hour evening included many speeches and musical performances, including a visit from former federal Judge Harry Pregerson and his family.  Pregerson, with the help of his son, swore in Nancy Krasne.

Click through to see video from the evening here. 


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