Metro Board to Discuss BH's Hearing Request Thursday

Beverly Hills' request for a public hearing on the Westside Subway Extension will be discussed at Thursday's Metro Board of Directors meeting.

Plans for the Westside Subway Extension will still be discussed during a Metro Board of Directors meeting Thursday, along with a request from Beverly Hills to revise and recirculate the project's Final Environmental Impact Statement/Report (FEIS/R).

The meeting begins at 9:30 a.m. at the Metro Board Room, One Gateway Plaza on the third floor. To see the meeting agenda, click the PDF image to the right.

In a , the Beverly Hills City Council adopted a resolution to request a public hearing, revision to the final environment report and redistribution of the document to address the city's concerns that "have not been adequately addressed by Metro, or addressed at all by Metro," Beverly Hills Vice Mayor John Mirisch said at the Sunday meeting.

A 30-page letter to Metro from Beverly Hills City Attorney Larry Wiener details the city's objections to Metro's FEIS/R. Sixty-eight pages of exhibits are attached to the letter. To read the letter, click here. Wiener told Patch that Metro has between 15 and 60 days to schedule the public hearing.

"We received the request that we conduct a public hearing on our staff proposal to fix the location of a subway station at Constellation Boulevard in Century City and the location of a subway tunnel alignment under the high school," said Dave Sotero, a Metro spokesman. "The project is on the agenda for the Thursday board meeting and the request will be discussed at that time."

The Metro project seeks to tunnel under  to reach a subway station on Constellation Boulevard in Century City. That plan is , and supported by several Los Angeles and Century City-based organizations.

A and other groups in favor of the stop at Constellation Boulevard and Avenue of the Stars will still take place Wednesday at noon at the proposed location of the stop, said Susan Bursk, president and CEO of the chamber.

Both the City of Beverly Hills and the Century City Chamber of Commerce, which supports the subway stop at Constellation Boulevard, have organized free shuttles to the meeting. Both confirmed Tuesday that the shuttles will still pick up attendees for the Thursday meeting.

BJToepper April 24, 2012 at 09:45 PM
I generally support Beverly Hills' request for a hearing about tunneling under the high school. However, by my count, this 30-page letter spends about five pages on the high school, and the remainder on traffic considerations at the La Cienega and Rodeo stops, noise level mitigation, economic harm issues, etc. I thought the city didn't have problems with the subway generally, and I thought the council was clear: they support the subway, just not under the high school. If the letter is correct, however, then it appears the city has major issues with the subway, and seems to want ever-more-impossibly-fine-grained environmental reviews. I find the letter disappointing, unproductive, and focused on issues that would never have been raised without the high school tunnel in play. If Metro is forced to deal with this baloney, then Beverly Hills doesn't deserve the hearing.
Victor Moss April 25, 2012 at 10:34 PM
Not a question of deserve a hearing. Metro's FEIS/R is flawed, incomplete and bogus. It does not comply with the laws of the land and should be held accountable, revised, and made compliant or else cancelled and scraped.
LAofAnaheim April 26, 2012 at 04:15 AM
Metro just won 2 lawsuits from homeowner groups claiming it was "flawed". So until you have concrete proof, you're just making exaggerated comments with no proof.


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