Final Vote Count in City Council Election: Mirisch, Brien Reelected—Krasne Wins by 7 Votes

The City Clerk’s office counted 461 provisional and vote-by-mail ballots Friday afternoon.

The City of Beverly Hills on Friday completed counting all ballots related to its municipal elections held earlier this week, confirming the foregone conclusion that Mayor Willie Brien and Vice-Mayor John Mirisch were reelected and that former Mayor Nancy Krasne beat Planning Commissioner Brian Rosenstein by a margin of just seven votes to win the only open seat on the City Council.

On Friday afternoon, the office of City Clerk Byran Pope counted 461 provisional and vote-by-mail ballots that had been handed over by voters to the 10 precincts in Beverly Hills.

According to the final count, Mirisch won 2,837 votes and Brien got 2,621. Krasne won 2,540 votes, while Rosenstein got 2,533.

The number of ballots counted Friday was less than the 493 potential ballots anticipated, according to City Clerk Specialist Melissa Crowder.

Friday's count brings to 4,863 the total number of ballots counted since election night Tuesday, according to Beverly Hills Public Information Manager Therese Kosterman.

A sample recount of 1 percent of all the votes from one of the 10 precincts in the city is scheduled to be conducted manually at 1:30 p.m. on Monday, according to the City Clerk's office. The precinct will be randomly chosen, and the idea is to determine if there is any statistically significant difference between the manual count and the electronic count done on election night. If there is a significant difference, a manual recount of all the votes from all the precincts might become necessary.

Voter turnout stood at 21.6 percent of the 22,548 registered voters in the city, Kosterman said. The City Clerk has 28 days to certify the election results.

A new City Council will be installed March 27, when the Council will select one of its members as mayor and one as vice-mayor to serve for the following year, Kosterman said.

It took the City Clerk’s office about an hour to count the provisional and vote-by-mail votes in the City Hall chambers, starting at 2:30 p.m, Pope told Beverly Hills Patch.

Mayor Brien, an orthopedic surgeon and a grandson of late Chief Justice and Gov. Earl Warren, was in the City Hall chambers during the count, looking cheerful but typically down-to-earth.

“It was a withering campaign,” he told Beverly Hills Patch. “A lot of people helped me get there.”

Asked which issues would be on the top of his political agenda in the new council, he said: “I’d like to see Roxbury Park [along Olympic Boulevard] completed and Beverly Gardens [facing City Hall, along Santa Monica Boulevard] restored.”

Here is the final vote count:

John Mirisch 2,837 William Brien 2,621 Nancy Krasne 2,540 Brian Rosenstein 2,533 Katherine Cohan 498 Michael Talei 336
George Vreeland Hill March 09, 2013 at 03:35 AM
Nancy and Brian were close for sure, but then, it was a close race among the top four as well. Now that things have been decided, it is time for John, Willie and Nancy to back up the promises they made to the voters. Transparency was a word that was used often in this race. I hope the new Council is indeed transparent with their actions. We the citizens of Beverly Hills will be watching. Literally.
Hugh March 09, 2013 at 03:42 AM
And the push for reform is complete. With this vote, the residents of Beverly Hills have made it clear they are tired of the status quo. I am happy that Nancy Krasne is back on the council. Congrats to all three.
Mark Elliot March 10, 2013 at 09:02 AM
I too supported the reform slate (as it were). I found the vote tallies very interesting, and I've posted on my own alt-transport advocacy site (http://betterbike.org) a precinct-by-precinct percentage breakdown by the top four candidates (something the Clerk hasn't seen fit to post).
H. Mann March 12, 2013 at 05:37 AM
A message for MR. BRIAN ROSENSTEIN. You either get BITTER or you get BETTER. At 34, you're the future of our city. We need you to 'stand up, dust yourself off & keep going'. We're counting on your leadership for decades to come, Mr. Rosenstein.
Bledsoe March 25, 2013 at 06:06 AM
Or you could look at the astoundingly low turnout and surmise that the residents are happy with the direction of their city and weren't motivated to vote. They returned two incumbents and one past incumbent. This was not a call for sweeping change.


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