Council Declines to Amend Subway Resolution

The panel instead chose to focus on a legal challenge to the MTA's decision to tunnel under Beverly Hills High School.

The City Council decided at its Thursday study session not to amend a resolution approved in April that states the city's opposition against the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's plan to tunnel under as part of the .

Instead of revisiting the resolution process, the council agreed to as its primary form of opposing Metro's decision to route a subway under the high school to reach a station on Constellation Boulevard in Century City.

"At this stage where Metro has , we're obviously not going to affect the vote," said Vice Mayor John Mirisch, who had drafted additional language that incorporated into the resolution content from a February letter Councilman Barry Brucker  when he was serving his term as mayor. But by the end of the discussion, the council had moved toward the option of focusing on its litigation efforts.

Councilman Julian Gold agreed that circumstances warrant the council to take a different approach, rather than drafting another resolution.

"Time has moved, the train has left the station," said Gold, who looked ahead to a meeting following the study session with the council's attorneys on the subway matter. "I would be hesitant to do anything until we actually hear ... what they think our most effective moves would be."

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John Mirisch June 12, 2012 at 01:26 AM
There's quite a bit we can impact, including revitalizing the Southeast part of town, including Olympic Blvd. I have been pushing to take action in the Southeast part of town for over three years, and last year the Council finally made this an "A-list" priority. Over the past half year, I've chaired the City Southeast Task Force. We focused on creating walkable, bike-friendly neighborhoods with character and a sense of place. Our recommendations are scheduled to be presented to the full Council in July.
lisa korbatov June 12, 2012 at 03:00 AM
Simon, You may approve of Council member Brucker's "perspective" but the courts will decide this outcome . So please stop focusing on oh so saaaad Olympic blvd, any street in BH has fewer potholes than LA. So why not post comments aimed at those who don't take care of their city streets as well as BH does, I am sure Antonio V and Zev would appreciate your comments.
Simon June 12, 2012 at 03:43 AM
Lisa, this isn't a contest between Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. Grow up. And I'm not talking potholes, Olympic is a blighted mess. The street is more than the actual part that cars travel on, correct? If you're going to take time out of actually doing your job at BHUSD, why don't you at least post something of relevance, like Mr. Mirisch did?
Tom Pease June 12, 2012 at 05:27 AM
Simon, if you want to add ideas as to how to revitalize the Southeast portion of Olympic in Beverly I'm sure Mr. Mirisch and the rest of the council would be happy to hear from you. I know I would.
LAofAnaheim June 12, 2012 at 08:01 PM
Classy, Lisa. At least Antonio V. has gotten on board with building bike lanes in Los Angeles and hosting car-free cicLAvias. Where's a single bike lane in the city of Beverly Hills? It's a huge gap on SM blvd between Century City and West Hollywood. If you want to make this LA v. BH, over the last decade, Los Angeles has been focusing on moving itself into a multi-modal city with bike lanes and rail transit expansion. Neither of which have happened in the city of Beverly Hills.


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