Council Adds $650K to Subway Fight

Councilman Julian Gold and his colleagues apply surplus funds to efforts opposing an MTA tunnel under Beverly Hills High School.

The City Council on Tuesday designated an additional $650,000 to pay for consulting fees and any other possible expenses connected with efforts to prevent the Metropolitan Transportation Authority from .

"I wanted to raise the possibility of increasing the subway consultant funding. I'd like to put this up in the range of $1 million," said Councilman Julian Gold, who proposed the idea. "I would really like to see us take a more aggressive posture in terms of the funding of the subway consulting and subsequent actions."

The additional $650,000 comes from the previous fiscal year's revenues that exceeded budget projections. Mayor Barry Brucker said the funds provide a financial safety net if future policy recommendations require the council to invest more than the  to address the subway issue. A main reason the city is opposed to the subway going under BHHS is the affect tunneling could have on the cost of at the high school.

"I think it puts us in a much more powerful position if we know that we have an adequate reserve to fund whatever we need to do as we begin to explore what we're going to do as it relates to the subway," Gold said.

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Greg November 19, 2011 at 07:40 PM
Wrong! As a state road, it is the state's responsibility, not Beverly Hills'. Take your complaint to Sacramento. Santa Monica Blvd. (but not "little SM Blvd.) is part of "State Route 2 (SR 2)", a CA state highway. Beverly Hills does not pave this road, never has, never will.
Brian Rosenstein November 20, 2011 at 05:06 AM
Actually Greg is incorrect. The state relinquished responsibility of the local stretches of big Santa Monica Blvd. or also known as SR2 a few years back. Here is excerpt from the Wikipedia history of SR2 which you're welcome to check out. "Today, the California Transportation Commission is relinquishing the street-running parts of Route 2 to local cities which it runs through. In 1996, state law was changed to permit the relinquishment of Route 2 in Santa Monica and West Hollywood. When the relinquishment in Santa Monica went through in 1998, the portion from Route 1 to Centinela Avenue was deleted. The law was changed again in 2001 to allow Route 2 from Route 405 to Moreno Drive to be relinquished to the City of Los Angeles. In 2003 California Senate Bill 315 was chaptered, acknowledging the relinquishments within Santa Monica, West Hollywood, and from Route 405 to Moreno Drive in Los Angeles, and permitting the relinquishment of Route 2 in Beverly Hills. Whether Route 2 west of Route 101 will stay as a paper route after relinquishment is yet to be determined.[15]"
Brian Rosenstein November 20, 2011 at 06:00 AM
Also, The City of Beverly Hills has been working on plans to redo its stretch of Santa Monica Blvd relatively soon. This is obviously an immense and complicated task that takes a huge amount of Planning to be done efficiently and well and with the least amount of impact, not only on the City itself, but on the entire region as a whole.
WM GOLDSTEIN November 20, 2011 at 07:08 PM
You've got to get people to work! Every great city knows this and has built a mass transit system to do the job. Downtown-to-Century City is the heaviest commute route in the region. The local council members need to get on the right side of history and stop throwing away taxpayer money on a worthless cause!
Greg November 21, 2011 at 09:52 PM
Thanks for the correction, I didn't know about that change. Just curious... If this responsibility relinquishment means BH pays for maintenance (paving, etc.), do you know if BH got anything in exchange to offset this financial burden?


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