Community Development Director Explains Changes to 9900 Wilshire Project

Council members accept the administrative approval and don't order a formal review.

The City Council decided Tuesday to accept design revisions for the 9900 Wilshire project.

Community Development Director Susan Healy Keene's study session briefing as well as planning staff documents described the following changes she approved last week to the mixed-use development on the site formerly occupied by Robinsons-May:

  • The bedroom mix of units changed, creating more one-, two- and three-bedroom units and reducing the number of larger three-bedroom and studio apartments. The 235-unit total remained unchanged.
  • Parking increased at the mezzanine and a new partial subterranean level to accommodate bedroom-mix changes. Residential parking capacity added 73 spaces, totaling 754 of the project's 876 parking spots.
  • Approximately 8,800 square feet of ancillary residential and "back of house" area was redistributed to residential units, and other residential space was redistributed to different parts of the project site.
  • Some redistributed floor area reduced balcony sizes and altered the building modulation.
  • The subterranean building footprint was reduced to accommodate a Metropolitan Water District pipeline and create a more efficient parking layout.
  • Adjustments were made to the parking layout and circulation scheme.
  • Glass pavilions and residential amenity spaces were added to the residential garden areas. Residential function rooms were previously located in the building's first-floor mezzanine.
  • At the second and third levels on the east side of the north and south buildings, the construction slab was extended 5 feet 9 inches to engage the structural column.
  • The north and south buildings were widened by two feet.
  • Residential unit stacking, also referred to as split-level units, was utilized and orientation was adjusted.  
  • The public garden space was adjusted without a change to the area or location.
  • The penthouse terrace area decreased.
  • The site's swimming pool was relocated.

Vice Mayor John Mirisch requested the study session briefing in order to consider a formal council review of Healy Keene's approved revisions.

The council authorized the mixed-use development project in 2008. BH Wilshire International LLC purchased the property in 2010.

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Ellen Lutwak December 20, 2012 at 10:21 PM
How cool would it be to convert the actual Robinsons building itself into mixed use. A bike path around the area - in front and along Santa Monica and Wilshire. A public pool. Bookstore. Dream on.
Ace T December 21, 2012 at 03:19 AM
I would like to see something there that generated revenues for the city. Either that or mix use units were residents of BH can also go and eat. Even though we have the great food selection in BH many restaurants are packed or have wait times 15-60 minuets on many night and some places every night. Mix use would be best way to generate more income and create some new life (and new job) in this area. Otherwise it will be a boring mega condo, a wasteland with little or no value except for the developers. Some creativity is needed here, the council is very smart I'm hoping they figure this out. They should make the developers fix Roxbury park for free if they want to build this project. Stuff like this should be on the table for approval.
Bledsoe January 01, 2013 at 07:53 PM
Umm, you're about six years late on these thoughts. The project was approved in 2007 after years of public debate and input. The developers are paying millions to the city as part of their development agreement and tons of money directly to the school district. If they built a mixed-use project with all the things you're talking about, it would be a traffic nightmare. It's private property, Ellen - are you suggesting that the city eminent domain the whole place to build a public pool and bike path? Who would pay for that? But good news, Ace, there is a public restaurant planned for the Santa Monica side! Hope you are there to support it.


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