Committee Studying 2 Santa Monica Boulevard Reconstruction Options

Public input is needed for the committee charged with overseeing the conceputal re-design of the major Beverly Hills corridor.

Credit: City of Beverly Hills
Credit: City of Beverly Hills
A 15-member committee charged with overseeing the two-mile reconstruction of Santa Monica Boulevard in Beverly Hills will reconvene in January to discuss two conceptual design options, and public input is still needed.

Aaron Kunz, the city's transportation director, said the committee met Tuesday, Dec. 10 refine and narrow down six proposals that would repair the major corridor. Kunz's department will be handling the project up until it comes to the City Council for a vote.

The project will involve repaving the road, upgrading the century-old drainage system and other much-needed street improvements. Kunz said Caltrans operated the road until 2005 when it was turned back over to Beverly Hills.

"The roads are really in disrepair," Kunz tells Patch. "Drainage is a huge part of it. The pavement is falling apart. It's been paved over and paved over. In some areas, the curbs are non-existent."

The westernmost boundary is Moreno Drive near Century City and the easternmost boundary is Doheny Drive near West Hollywood, where that city recently did a major redesign of its portion of Santa Monica Boulevard.

One alternative Kunz said the committee viewed on Dec. 10 is a "no build" scenario, with no major changes happening to the corridor. The plan would fix minor aspects of the corridor, such as road reclamation and the fixing of street lights and bus stops.

The second option involves placing landscaped medians on Santa Monica Boulevard with the road reclamation work. Kunz added the potential of bike lanes were discussed, but the committee's vote did not push the idea along for the time being.

For more information and to provide public input on the project, visit the city's webpage devoted to Santa Monica Boulevard reconstruction.


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