BHUSD Has Lockdown Plan for School Emergencies

The city is working with Beverly Hills' private schools to create similar safety measures.

The following is a press release from the City of Beverly Hills.

The City of Beverly Hills and the Beverly Hills Unified School District have in place a detailed action plan to lock down all five public schools in case of emergency and will work with the City’s private schools to create similar security measures.

In the wake of the , Police Chief David Snowden and School Superintendent Gary Woods met Monday with representatives of the five BHUSD public schools and the City’s private schools to discuss current security procedures and ways to enhance them.

“I want to reassure parents that we have planned for an emergency such as the one that occurred in Connecticut and their children are safe in Beverly Hills,” Snowden said. “But the tragic events have created an opportunity to review our current procedures and make them even stronger.” 

Following the shooting on Friday, Dec. 14, Beverly Hills police officers stepped up patrols of each school and will continue with daily site visits and emergency drills.

“While we are confident that our current plans and emergency procedures are solid, every school in the district will be reviewing their plans in light of the Newtown tragedy,” Woods said. “This includes fine-tuning our logistical protocols, bolstering our communication and training, and interfacing more closely with our local Police Department. I think it’s an excellent time to reinforce the district’s emergency plans and involve every stakeholder, including students, teachers, support staff and parents.”

Officials also emphasized the need for student assessments to determine potential threats, additional training for substitute teachers and newly hired staff, consistent polices for drop off and pick up, and education of parents so that they know how to help protect their children both before and during an actual emergency.

To view a video message from BHPD Chief David Snowden and BHUSD Superintendent Dr. Gary Woods, click here.

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