Scam Alert: the Elderly Should Beware Con Artists Posing as Relatives

The BHPD warns elderly residents to be mindful of phone scammers who pretend to be family members.

Police issued a warning last week based on recent reports of elderly Beverly Hills residents who have fallen victim to swindlers posing as relatives on the telephone.

"While many seniors have reported the scam without falling prey to it, unfortunately, many others have been victimized," according to a Beverly Hills Police Department statement.  "Anyone receiving a call requesting 'emergency money' should take the time to contact other family members to verify if there is relative in trouble."

The scammers tell their elderly targets they are a grandchild, nephew or niece who has been in an accident, arrested or has been robbed and lost their cash, the statement explained.

"For example, the scam caller might say, 'It's me, your favorite grandchild,' to which the grandparent will guess the name of the grandchild it sounds the most like ... and let the unsuspecting grandparent fill in the blanks," according to police. "The scammers will request the emergency money be sent via Western Union or MoneyGram. The money is required to free them from the jail, get travel money back home or some similar emergency 'quick fix.'" 

Residents who receive suspicious phone calls can report it to the BHPD by calling 310-550-4951.

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Eric Hoods July 11, 2012 at 01:43 PM
Well, this is unfair to fool the elderly. It is won't do to fool anyone of course. These scams should be jailed asap.
Gopal Das July 20, 2012 at 11:39 AM
I think everybody should check out the Scam Detector app. I believe they're online as well.


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