Rihanna's Attorney Denies Singer is Dodging Home Defects Lawsuit Deposition

Rihanna alleges a Beverly Hills home inspection service gave her a flawed report concerning defects in the home before she bought the Janice Place residence in 2009.

An attorney for Rihanna denies in new court papers that the singer is dodging defense attempts to take her deposition in a lawsuit involving an upscale Beverly Hills home she formerly owned and alleges became flooded five months after she bought it.

In court papers filed Tuesday, Nov. 26, lawyer Miles Cooley, on behalf of Rihanna, said his client previously agreed to be deposed the week of Jan. 13 by Gregory Pyfrom, an attorney for LaRocca Inspection Associates Inc.

Rihanna alleges the home inspection service gave her a flawed report concerning defects in the home before she bought the Janice Place residence.

Pyfrom also is asking for $7,500 in compensation from Rihanna for what he states in his court papers are the costs of two years of legal work trying to take her deposition.

However, Cooley states in his court papers that her client has "consistently agreed" to be deposed.

"Instead of withdrawing its motion, LaRocca insists on carrying out a smear campaign against (Rihanna), sets forth over 120 pages of email and court documents and shamelessly reveals confidential settlement offers and mediation results," Cooley's court papers state.

Cooley is asking Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Yvette Palazuelos to deny the motion as moot or deny the motion "as a remedy for LaRocca's patently improper disclosures."

Cooley states in his court papers that Pyfrom's argument "portrays a one-sided picture that omits the fact the parties had an agreement not to depose (Rihanna) until after the matter was mediated."

The mediation was delayed several times because of Pyfrom's vacation plan, Cooley's court papers state.

A hearing on the LaRocca motion to compel Rihanna's deposition is scheduled Dec. 11.

Rihanna filed suit in August 2011 regarding a Beverly Hills home she bought in July 2009 for $6.9 million, which she alleges had construction defects. The suit names several other defendants, including Prudential California Realty, which employed the singer's real estate agent, and the home's former owner, Adrian Rudomin.

The Barbadian singer -- who filed the complaint under her real name, Robyn Fenty -- alleges negligence, fraud and breach of contract.

The 25-year-old entertainer maintains the home had numerous problems with water leakage and that severe flooding occurred during a January 2010 storm.

Rihanna hired LaRocca Inspection Associates in August 2009 to do an analysis of the property for any needed repairs by the owners. She alleges they did not make sure water seepage problems from a balcony were fixed before escrow closed.

LaRocca countersued Rihanna and the other defendants in January 2012. LaRocca alleges the "SOS" singer breached their contract by not coming forward sooner and letting them know her problems with their work and give them a chance to do another inspection.

- City News Service


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