Pawn Shop Owners Arrested for Allegedly Buying Goods Stolen from Beverly Hills Homes

Beverly Hills residences were targeted in the so-called "knock-knock" burglaries.

Two downtown Los Angeles pawn shop owners who allegedly bought items stolen in "knock-knock" burglaries across the metropolitan area, including property snatched from Beverly Hills homes, were arrested Wednesday, police said.

Ismael Monje and Farshad Yaghoobi were booked on suspicion of receiving stolen property, Los Angeles police Cmdr. Jim Cansler said.

Investigators with a task force raided four pawn shops—in the 700 block of South Broadway and the 600 block of South Broadway—closed the businesses and seized their bank accounts, Cansler said. About 70 people have been arrested in the probe so far, Cansler said, adding that most were suspected burglars.

Wednesday's raid targeted shops that acted as a "fencing operation" for the burglars.

"They knew they could go to those locations," Cansler said.

The task force has been investigating burglaries in generally affluent neighborhoods, and authorities have returned stolen items valued at $150,000 to their rightful owners, Cansler said. The task force includes Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Glendale police, as well as county sheriff's deputies and IRS agents, Cansler said.

Police say "knock-knock"  burglars use a common method of operation: They knock on the front door of a residence and when there is no answer, two people enter the home and ransack it looking for jewelry, money and guns. A third suspect waits in a car as the getaway driver.

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Art September 20, 2012 at 05:40 PM
Not a pawn shop. Big Differance bitween an illegal gold buyer (these guys are) and a pawn shop. Downrown LA only has 3 licenced pawn shops in that area and non would jederdiase their licence for short profit. These crooks are secondhand jewelry buyers. Go to a real pawn shop n try to sell something without an ID. You can't
Marie Cunningham September 20, 2012 at 07:13 PM
@Art The above photo is a stock Getty image of a pawn shop. The police have reported that it was two pawn shop owners who were arrested. The legality of the shops may be in question, but they are still identified as pawn shops.
Joan Price June 20, 2013 at 10:57 AM
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