Man Unleashed Online Retaliation Campaign Against Beverly Hills Police Chief, 3 Others After Conviction

Steven Grant Almeida is sentenced to eight years in prison.

A man pleaded no contest Friday to charges stemming from a retaliation campaign against a judge and three other people in the local justice system who were involved in a case as a result of which he was sentenced to state prison.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Norm Shapiro immediately sentenced Steven Grant Almeida, 33, to eight years in state prison following his plea to three counts each of identity theft and false personation and one count of computer intrusion.

The victims included Beverly Hills Superior Court Judge Elden Fox, Beverly Hills Police Chief David Snowden, Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Jonathan Fairtlough and Los Angeles County Deputy Public Defender Kenneth Erlich. The four were involved in a prior case with Almeida in which he was sentenced to five years in state prison.

In a court document, the prosecution alleged that Almeida—from a "hideout" in Sweden after he was released from prison on parole—"launched a five-month campaign" against people who "were involved in the 2006 prosecution of defendant Almeida for identity theft and the cutting of utility (telephone) lines."

The campaign between January 2010 and May 2010 "used the personal identifying information of these individuals to disconnect utility services of their homes, cancel credit cards, close credit accounts, and libel by invidious impersonation," according to the document.

Authorities said after Almeida's arrest that he was from Torrance and was returned from Sweden.

joebanana March 31, 2013 at 06:24 PM
Considering the growing and epic corruption in the Los Angeles court system, and LAPD, not to mention county supervisors, and sheriff's department, is it any wonder the jails are overcrowded? I've personally witnessed the blatant disregard of law, procedure, cannons, integrity, honor, and justice in LA courts, as have many, many others. Google senate bill SBx2-11, attorney Richard Fine, Judicial corruption in Los Angeles, and Full Disclosure.org, if you don't believe me.


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