BHPD: Tips on Safe Biking and Sharing the Road

Bicyclists must abide by the same laws as motorists. Motorists are required to share the streets with bicyclists.

Beverly Hills is making moves to be a more bike-friendly city, route: {:controller=>"articles", :action=>"show", :id=>"bike-sharing"} -->. As part of that effort, the

Jeffrey Courion September 19, 2012 at 06:14 PM
A couple of comments: Point three: Under California Vehicle Code, bicycles are NOT classified as vehicles, they are "Human Powered Devices" - in the thoughtful wisdom of both state legislators and experienced traffic engineers, this classification was to take into consideration that slower, human powered devices would be sharing public roads with faster automotive vehicles. Most recently, this classification comes into play with the 2008 signing by the Governor of Californis embracing the Complete Streets Act in which multi-modal use of streets by pedestrians, bicyclists and the disabled are to be taken into conscious, accommodation consideration by the state and local entities when planning new roads and their use - retrofitting older roads to accommodate "complete street" provisions and use - and to be taken into account in maintaining roads and construction projects. Despite these classifications -- ALL road users are accountable for using and practicing the rules of the road in accordance to the California Vehicle Code when using them -- no exceptions! Bottom line - these rules we created in the spirit of safe sharing of the road -- vehicle to vehicle - vehicle to human powered device -- and includes the regard for use by the disabled. Be safe by following the rules and communicate intentions - and KNOW cars and bicycles share rights to road use.
Jeffrey Courion September 19, 2012 at 06:30 PM
One more comment: Point Six - relates to CVC 21202 which calls for bicycles to be operated on public roads as far to the right as is "practicable." Again, this term was incorporated into the California Vehicle Code as riding as far to the right can lead to dangers. As you thoughtfully note - a car may be about to open a door -- there may by a serious pot hole or debris to the right. Ride as far to the right is SAFE. Whenever having to move to the left -- first slow down -- look back to make sure you will not merge (be struck by oncoming traffic) signal left -- proceed slowly and if safe around the obstacle and resume a line of travel in accordance as is safe. Note - bicycles should not be ridden in the gutter as that is too often the site of debris and gives the cyclist no room to merge right if needed. People have been killed riding to close to the curb. Another tip - ride with a mirror minimizing shock of suddenly realizing what's behind you so you have better views of what is ahead as well as approaching from the rear. Be careful and safe out there -- share the road with courtesy. Bicyclists - accept cars move faster than you - please give them room to pass when it is SAFE. Cars drivers - accept bikes mostly travel at slower speeds (some move at high speed) -- accommodate and pass with room to do so making it safe passage. Things work when ALL - ALL who share the road accommodate and SHARE! Like it or not, road use and change is in the air. Let's share!


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