Senior Year Is Finally Here

In my last year at Beverly, I realize how lucky I am for the education I've received.

It has finally come, the legendary senior year. I am no longer a puny freshman who gets endlessly picked on, or a sophomore who serves no purpose. And forget being a junior—even though it's upperclassman status, it's seniors who top the Beverly food chain.

The most anticipated year of high school has just begun. Being one of the oldest students in school sounds simply ridiculous to me. I perfectly remember my first day of high school, struggling to find my classes and staring in awe at the oversized seniors. Now I am the one whom newcomers notice walking down the hall.

The first semester of senior year will test my academic limits and determine whether I'm actually ready to move on to college. The overload of AP classes on top of college applications are not going to make senior year easy to endure, but once second semester and college acceptance letters come around, I'll have a chance to relax and take it all in.

"I have been looking forward to spending my last year of high school with the people I love spending time with before entering the real world and going to college," said BHHS senior Negin Elazari, 17. "I'm definitely excited for all the senior activities coming our way and hope to live up this year to the fullest."

Being born and raised in Beverly Hills has no doubt been a blessing. But it's time for me to get out of here. College is a fresh chapter in life. It builds independence and character, and will give me a chance to get to know my inner self. In addition, moving away from home will certainly make me appreciate the advantages to which I've have become accustomed.

Still, I believe most students at Beverly wouldn't acknowledge that they have been the recipients of a top-notch education. The school has certainly furnished me with outstanding teachers, but it has also left me wondering where some of my instructors earned their teaching credentials.

Yet without BHHS I wouldn't be writing this column; journalism would be completely foreign to me. But thanks to my education and the opportunities received at Beverly, I am the elected editor-in-chief of the school newspaper this semester.

So I tip my hat to Beverly Hills High School. Deep down inside, all Normans are thankful for their school, no matter how many times we have prayed for an earthquake to swallow the place whole.


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