Rodeo Jive: Out on the Town for Under $40

You can do a lot for a little in Beverly Hills if you know where to go.

Life in Beverly Hills is oftentimes pricey, but it doesn’t have to be. You can get a solid workout, enjoy some pampering and have a good meal in the same day without breaking the bank.

Start with a brisk walk or run around the resurfaced track at . The track is 400 meters a lap—about a quarter mile—so eight times around means you’ve covered nearly two miles.

After you exercise, head to on Charleville Boulevard for a stimulating massage to release some tension. For $15 you’ll get fifteen minutes of work done to your feet, ankles and legs with Chinese herb oil. (A few extra dollars for tip is also welcome).

Parking near Eva's in the city lot at 216 S. Beverly Drive is free for two hours. Next to the parking structure is Al's Newsstand. Stop by on your way out of the lot and purchase a magazine you like to read but would never subscribe to. That should cost no more than $5.

After you visit Eva's, cross the street to dine at . You can order a chopped salad for under $10 that won’t spoil your workout. Add a Perrier water for a couple extra bucks and read your magazine while you eat.

After dining, it’s time for dessert. Across the street is Froyo Life where frozen yogurt and fresh fruit toppings are sold by weight. Keep the portion smaller than your fist and it will cost you less than $4.

If you have yet to use your two hours of free parking, take a stroll down for a little extra exercise. It’s a lively area of town that is great for people watching. You may even catch a glimpse of someone you read about in your magazine.

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jordan17 August 01, 2011 at 02:21 PM
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Ellen Lutwak August 01, 2011 at 11:01 PM
Love a bargain! Walk to these places, and skip the frustration of driving and parking altogether. Plus, no cost of gas. Using Google Map with the Walking Icon, it indicates the distance from the high school to South Beverly Drive is about one mile, and depending on your pace, barely 25 minutes. Power walk and you'll get your exercise in, too, and enjoy our walkable city even more.


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