Does Beverly Hills Need a 99¢ Only Store?

I’m not the only local who loves a bargain. Who are you, mysterious Mercedes lady?

I'm going to confess something here. I love the 99¢ Only Store! Yes, me with the haute couture shoes, purse and sunglasses.

There. I said it. Ahhh. That was cathartic.

We don't have a 99¢ Only Store in Beverly Hills and it's just about the only thing I don't like about our town. I have to schlep to obscure places like the Valley with grime, grit and guns. (Yes, I did get caught in the middle of an armed robbery in the 99¢ Only Store parking lot and yes, I still go back).

Why do I subject myself to this? It's a treasure-hunting gold mine in there, that's why. Once you see the low prices for the same name brand products you buy at other stores with the exact same expiration dates—plus obscure items like Mr. T's Plastic Wrap, Backstreet Boys Popsicles and Hannah Montana Lip Gloss—you just have to go back.

A Los Angeles Times food critic once reviewed a 99¢ Only Store Cabernet Sauvignon—a 1997 Staton Hills Late Release from Columbia Valley, Washington—giving it the five out of five "serve with pride" rating. The critic wrote:

Comments: Big Cab flavor; wants a steak
Snob appeal: "Late Release" pumps up sexiness of handsome label

"That’s me!" I rejoiced. I like sexy. I like handsome. I like meat. "We're running low on dog food, Dixie cups and dried mushrooms," I justified. "I need some badminton birdies, Band-Aids and batteries…badly."

When I got to the 99¢ Only Store, I ran over to the wine section. Staton Hills was gone. Cleaned out. I found an employee (not an easy task). "Where is the Staton Hills wine. Any in the back?" I asked. "The lady over there," he motioned to the parking lot. "She's from Beverly Hills. She's going from store to store, stocking up," he grinned, as though Mercedes Lady and I were due back at the asylum for medication.

There she was, loading up her Mercedes SL 65 with several cases of Staton Hills. Staton Hills was going to Beverly Hills without me. She was going to serve it up and I bet she wasn't going to confess where she got it from. Who are you Ms. Mercedes? I'm on to you.

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Sharon April 09, 2011 at 09:11 PM
you do not have to go to the valley, as there are TWO @ Fairfax & Wilshire and another in Culver City personally I do not believe we need one in BH as those 3 are close enough
Adrienne Lamm April 10, 2011 at 02:06 AM
I love the (real) 99 Cents only stores as well but I agree with Sharon. As she points out, there is a (real) 99 Cent store right outside of Beverly Hills on Fairfax and Wilshire and that is VERY close to BH (and the wines there are fabulous!). It's nice, huge, and supplies everything the best 99 Cent stores have to offer. There is another one on LaBrea near Sunset, and in West Los Angeles on Washington Blvd. Within the BH City Limits, there wouldn't be any need.
Kim Ratcliff April 20, 2011 at 03:58 AM
“I like sexy. I like handsome. I like meat.” You're hilarious! Love, Your Los Gatos Patch Stalker PS: You gotta check out my Freaky Friday switcheroo article. As a mom of boys, I think you'll relate. http://losgatos.patch.com/articles/freaky-friday
Marie Cunningham April 20, 2011 at 05:42 AM
Thanks for the note Kim! Reading your article now...


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