Commentary: The Presidential Election & Social Media

Beverly Hills resident Jennifer Brugger on choosing Democracy over a Facebook status.

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Commentary submitted by Beverly Hills resident Jennifer Brugger.

Over the last few weeks as we have drawn closer to Election Day, people have taken to their social media sites to speak their minds on the candidates and the upcoming choice at hand. I have seen battles drawn between friends, comments poking fun at those who have been outspoken about their choices and those who have chosen to completely steer clear of all related political talk.

I realize that some people may be of the mindset that if they campaign hard enough on their wall in front of their 2-500 friends for the political party of their choice that it may alter the position of said friends. In my opinion its nothing but pushy ranting that warrants no argument or justification.

I can understand being proud of your decision and wanting to let the world know who you voted for. That’s great, do that if you must! But don’t be the guy who calls someone else an idiot for having a different opinion. If democracy and the right to have your own opinion is not something that you agree with, then please move out of this country. To each their own, agree to disagree and unite over the fact that we all just want a better place to live and that it’s impossible for everyone to feel and see things exactly the same as you do.

Be proud that we all have a voice and exercise the right to use yours on the ballot, where it counts. Be proud to be an American!

Jennifer Brugger
Beverly Hills Resident 

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jean pierre guaron November 07, 2012 at 03:27 PM
A very intelligent and valuable commentary - I wish a whole heap of people would read and absorb this lady's comments - over the past few months, I have often felt as if I was either "preaching to the choir" (sharing my thoughts with friends who have similar views) or being torn to shreds by people who had a different point of view and refused to let anyone say something they didn't agree with. It didn't feel the least little bit democratic.


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