Resident Spotlight: Jonathan Prince

Patch caught up with Beverly Hills native Jonathan Prince.

Name: Jonathan Prince

Occupation: Actor, writer, producer

How long have you lived in Beverly Hills? I was born here—went to El Rodeo, Beverly Hills High School, left for college in Cambridge and have been back here ever since I graduated college.

What is the city's most important issue? To continue to improve the excellent education we provide in our public schools. Good schools mean better business, better real estate and better city services. It all starts with our kids.

If you could change one thing about Beverly Hills, what would it be? I would have people walk more places to create a better sense of community.

What is your favorite Beverly Hills memory? As a kid, playing baseball at Roxbury Park until dark and then walking home to have dinner with my family.

Name something you've always wanted to do here but have been too nervous or busy to try. Skydiving.

Where is your favorite place in town to eat, shop, or relax? The fields at La Cienega, watching my kid play soccer, basketball and baseball with my friends—coaching and watching their kids too.

Describe Beverly Hills in three words: community, excellence and infamous


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