Dogs Arrive in Style at Woofstock 90210

Beverly Hills Chihuahuas mingle with glammed-out Great Danes at the canine event.

Someone let the dogs out Sunday at the third annual Woofstock 90210 at .

The pet-friendly event gives dog owners and their canine companions the opportunity to get out and mingle with other dogs and their owners, according to senior recreation supervisor Cindy Brynan, one of the event's organizers.

“We have a lot of dog lovers here in Beverly Hills, but no dog park,” Brynan said. “Events like this get the community out with their pets so that two and four-legged friends can meet.”

A pet parade gave the most trend-setting dogs a chance to strut their stuff, with awards presented in three categories.

Miss Coco Puff, a Chiweenie—half Chihuahua and half dachshund—dressed casually in designer jean overalls and a pink sweater with matching pink accessories, including high tops, a necklace and sunglasses. The fashionable pooch took home the award for Best BH Bling, while Sharon Powell's dog, Teddie, won for the Most Hippie-like outfit. Tall, blonde Lynn Griffith and her tall, blond Australian shepherd, Ricky, won for Most Owner-Pet Look-Alikes.

With almost 50 vendors offering such items as T-shirts and faux fur coats, even dogs that didn't arrive in their Sunday best had plenty of outfit options to choose from that were available for purchase during the event.

Marcy Sherman, owner of BowMeow pet products, said that people want their pets to be just as decked out as they are.

“Our sailor suits and biker outfits are our most popular,” Sherman said. “Of course, we always sell lots of T-shirts and sweatshirts—I mean, that's just standard apparel for pets.”

Mitch Cohen of Roadwags sells designer neckties for male dogs who want to look just as snazzy as the ladies.

“The poor boy dogs are very neglected. There are lots of dresses and outfits for the girl dogs, so we make ties and bow ties for the boys,” Cohen said. “Owners of boy dogs get really excited when they see our ties because there's finally something for them.”

Dog owners often contact Cohen when their dog is in a wedding so the pup can wear a tie that matches the rest of the wedding party, he said.

Many vendors offered healthy food options for dogs, while one sold bottles of Bowser Beer, a nonalcoholic beer for dogs who like to walk on the wild side. Of course, each bottle includes a warning for dogs to drink responsibly.

Entertainment for the event was provided by Muttley Crew, which featured fast running agility dogs maneuvering through an obstacle course and high flying disc dogs jumping into the air to catch Frisbee-type disks.

“We call it Muttley Crew because we have all kinds of dogs in our show, from a papillon to a Great Dane,” said owner Chris Cabral. “Plus, 90 percent of our dogs are from shelters.”

One of the main goals of Woofstock 90210 is to find homes for dogs from L.A. city and L.A. County animal shelters. According to Pet Care Foundation Director Bill Crowe, there were about 150 dogs and 10 cats available for adoption at Sunday's event.

“A lot of people don't like going to a shelter—they equate it with going to a prison,” Crowe said. “But at an event like this, you can really get to know the dogs and interact with them in an outdoor environment.”

The adoption area was crowded with families looking for a pet and kids climbing into the pens to frolic with the puppies that were available.

“It's a beautiful day, so we're very hopeful," Crowe said. "Our goal is to get them all adopted."

WeHoOne March 15, 2011 at 03:10 AM
This is nice. Those "Adopt Me" scarves around the dog's neck always get to me emotionally. I adopted 1 dog and 2 cats from shelters - I love them all with a passion. I can't even imagine coming home and not being greeted by the loving energy of my 3 roommates.
Marie Cunningham (Editor) March 15, 2011 at 03:45 AM
Thanks for your comment! I adopted a beagle mix about five years ago and she is for sure the best roomie I have ever had. No offense to humans...


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