Click for Updates of California's Radiation Levels

The regional arm of the Air Quality Management District offers a service to alert residents of changes in radiation levels.

From President Barack Obama to California’s regional environmental protection agency, government officials that they need not fear harmful radiation emissions from Japan.

“There is no increased risk of harmful levels of radiation exposure in the United States, based on the situation to date and a review of actual monitored levels by the AQMD [Air Quality Management District],” William A. Burke, chairman of the regional South Coast Air Quality Management District, said in a statement.

The AQMD operates three outdoor radiation monitors in Southern California together with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Radiation levels are recorded every hour and sent to the EPA. The California Department of Public Health operates an additional radiation monitor in Southern California as well.

Residents can get a daily update on Southern California radiation levels from the AQMD website. Sign up for a daily email alert or go to the site for a current reading.

“As of today, radiation levels measured at three regional sites operated by the South Coast Air Quality Management District for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have not been higher than typical ‘background’ levels seen before the earthquake and tsunami in Japan,” the site says. “In the unlikely event that this changes, these extremely sensitive monitors will detect any change in outdoor radiation levels and it will be reported on this website.”

Further general information on the EPA radiation monitoring network can be found here. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s response to the situation can be found here

Mariann March 18, 2011 at 03:11 PM
We have kids there on their first College Spring break. They want to come home. They are really nervous and educating themselves as much as possible. We as parents want to bring them home in case things turn around to fast for us to be in control of from here in DC.
Sarah Caroll March 18, 2011 at 03:21 PM
Interesting that the Associated Press out of Geneva released an update over an hour ago stating that "Radioactive fallout from Japan's crippled nuclear plant has reached Southern California...." and that the levels are below those that can damage health. The statement is from a diplomat at the U.N.'s Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization. When I go to AQMD's site, however, there's no mention that any fallout has reached the state at all and the "update" they're offering the public is actually dated from yesterday, the 17th. Why isn't an organization like ythis at the forefront of information? It must be easier for them to just sit around and take calls from people who are complaining about a neighbor's car exhaust. It's disappointing to know that here in California we have to depend on news from Europe to tell us what's going on.
Alecia Ricas March 18, 2011 at 04:59 PM
It notes on the website they update everyday at noon. Since the fallout reached southern california this morning (to my knowledge) I believe an update will be issued at noon.
NH Parent March 18, 2011 at 05:52 PM
Given the situation in Japan, wouldn't it be reasonable to post the hourly data already being collected?
mkinla March 18, 2011 at 06:31 PM
@Sarah, try not to worry too much about this. I know it's not easy, and there's a lot of misinformation out there. Truth is, the AQMD's work to evaluate air quality, and clean the air in SoCal has a much, much bigger (positive) impact on your health and the health of your kids and neighbors every day. The reason that they don't seem to be incredibly panicked about it might be that it's not worth panicking about. Your neighbor's smoggy car is likely to cause more health problems, like asthma, cancer, etc, than the fall-out from Japan 5000 miles away. That said, if you want to do something to keep us safe from radiation here at home, learn more about energy sources in our own backyards. Did you know two major nukes are on our coasts, Diablo Canyon and San Onofre? Write your congressperson and Senators Boxer and Feinstein and demand the government act quickly to reduce our dependence on dirty energy (nukes, coal, petroleum.) http://www.ucsusa.org/
Scardey Cat March 18, 2011 at 07:02 PM
I know a lot of sites and people say not to worry but truthfully many people will still beccause what if something backfires and causes many health problems? California truthfully is an outstanding state and will probably survive. lets all hope for the best. i am actually quit fond of all the information here too. i am very scared for my family though. should we do our best to protect them? how?
engineer March 18, 2011 at 07:20 PM
What is interesting is to note that US media are complete trash yet again, and misinformation appears rife as ever. CNN indicates that there IS a measurable difference, and other sites indicate that there is NOT a measurable difference. Seems to me that the Japanese haven't been straight on the issue, so who ever thought that our government would be? At the end of the day, it's easier to deal with some radiation issues than to have the population of Tokyo or Los Angeles decide they're moving out. If you want news, maybe the BBC, Chinese English news or even Al Jazeera seems to be a better bet than the "oh there's a cat in the tree and there's a fire truck trying to get it out nextdoor" or the "there's this starlet who's had a boob job" with before and after pictures type of news that we're seeing as the standard in LA.
engineer March 18, 2011 at 07:24 PM
As for these (and other) reactors, let's face it - this is most likely the consequence of people trying to keep an old fashioned reactor alive for economic reasons, or a cheap design implemented by the lowest bidder, we see enough of that to know. There are situations going on where the only bid that is even looked at is the lowest cost one, so guess what happens - "responsible bid" doesn't even come into it only too often. Just think - if you need a heart transplant, would you accept that approach? It's time the world's governments are forced to do this type of thing (building nuclear power plants) properly, and ensure that we close down old and unsafe reactors (and there are enough of those), build new ones use SAFER designs, make sure that we don't have 6 nuclear plants sitting next to each other so that if one goes up we can still get to the others, have infra-structure in place that makes it possible to override faulty systems (just think - if they'd added 1 mile of pipes to each of these reactors and pools, they could be pumping water in from ... guess what... 1 mile away with a fire brigade pump for the cost of 6 miles of pipe - who engineers this stuff??), puts control rooms in a position where they can be reached safely in case radiation in the plant goes up (underground maybe? with an entry say about ... guess what ... 1 mile away from the plant???) (at minimal additional cost) and adequate redundancy so that something like this is manageable. Pathetic, at best.
Michael March 20, 2011 at 01:27 AM
I have virtually zero confidence in American media. Arnold Gunderson, the Chief Engineer of the Vermont Legislator's Vermont Yankee(powerlant) Oversight Panel, and also a Nuclear Safety Consultant at Fair Winds Associates in Vermont has been very vocal about the looming tragedy that humankind is facing. I was told by fellow Vermonters that Gunderson's predictions are too scary for US mainstream media to report. However, the English have been seeking him out for interviews as he's not afraid to share his expertise. He's even being shunned by local (Vermont) news media, but has been successfully doing phone interviews for news media overseas. Great interview clip of him on youtube calling this disaster "Chernobyl on Steroids". It's all about controlling the herd.
Wingham March 20, 2011 at 02:40 AM
Pinocchio has a mighty long nose. So do his government folks. Credibility and believability have hit rock bottom. Reckon we'll have to rely on our local sources, such as AQMD to get a straight answer. Remember the smog alerts in '50s and '60s? Bad smog days - 1st stage smog alerts and such were strongly carried to the public by by ALL media so unhealthy folks could take heed. Could this be done on radiation? This ain't over yet. Not by a long shot. Nukes are still running wild with no relief in sight. Could take YEARS to get under control. Something to think about.....
Ajavelinrose March 30, 2011 at 05:59 PM
Our government is not exactly known for letting American citizens know what is going on. I don't trust what the media is being ALLOWED to tell the public. When you look around at different news stories they all seem pretty generic as if they have been arranged in such a manner as to not upset the public. I believe with the recent plutonium leak however we should be more nervous about the products being shipped from Japan onto American soil. Sony products, Honda parts all handled by people from this treachorous disaster. Although my hearts go out to all the families, my priority is to keep my family safe. Ask what the government is doing about importing products from disaster stricken areas...after all it can't be much if we were getting tree beetles shipped over here alive and well and feeding on our trees...what will they do about nuclear contamination?
jessica Davis-Stein April 12, 2011 at 06:55 PM
As of April 12 France is concerned and they say levels here are much higher and we are not protecting our children. Here's the link. http://www.euractiv.com/en/health/radiation-risks-fukushima-longer-negligible-news-503947
Guadalupe Esquivel April 18, 2011 at 11:36 PM
I just wonder what this is all about then... why nobody talks about this?? Why is the government lying?? Please take a look!!! http://www.naturalnews.com/032048_radiation_milk.html
Oakland March 16, 2012 at 02:28 AM
Here we are a year later. Any new reports? I found some live data here on some Radnet Map but am not too good at figuring it out. http://www.oaklandmofo.com/blog/will-nuclear-fallout-from-japan-reach-california-bay-area-oakland-san-francisco/ What does it mean? Slow radiation exposure?


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