Beverly Hills Adopts Healthy Eating Active Living Resolution

Already a health-conscious city, Beverly Hills continues to encourage and enable well-being.

The following is a press release from the City of Beverly Hills.

At the recommendation of the Recreation and Parks Commission and the Health and Safety Commission, the Beverly Hills City Council recently adopted a resolution expressing its desire to become a Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) city. 

Beverly Hills will join over one hundred other California cities that—under the guidance of the League of California Cities—have embraced policies to create work, school and neighborhood environments that are conducive to healthier living.

“The City’s Community Services Department is committed to the HEAL campaign,” said Steve Zoet, Director of Community Services. “Along with the rest of the City’s departments and its elected and appointed officials, we encourage and support healthy lifestyle choices such as wholesome eating and exercise and strive to provide the resources and opportunities for these types of choices for both residents and visitors.”

Beverly Hills already meets many of the HEAL campaign’s checklist items, including encouraging healthy food retailers in the city, hosting a weekly , creating synergy between the Market and local schools, offering a plethora of recreational activities and having wellness policies in-place for city employees. The also houses a large collection of materials on healthy living and physical fitness.

Being a HEAL city entails a renewed commitment to healthy food access, obesity prevention, employee wellness, increased opportunities for physical activity and a continued focus on attracting healthy food retailers. As the City approaches proposed future endeavors such as , , a community demonstration garden and outdoor fitness equipment, it will do so with the clarity and purpose of being a HEAL city.

“HEAL is a state-wide, multi-organizational collaborative effort,” Zoet said. “It speaks to the importance of Californians embracing and practicing healthy choices to help reduce health care costs and improve our individual and collective emotional and physical well-being.”

Stay tuned for future information on Beverly Hills’ proud designation as a HEAL city and visit www.beverlyhills.org anytime to get information on the Farmers’ Market and parks and recreational opportunities.

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Mark Elliot May 03, 2012 at 10:34 PM
At Better Bike, through which we advocate for active transportation alternatives to car travel here in Beverly Hills, we’re fully on board with the Healthy Eating, Active Living Cities campaign. The name says it all; follow that prescription and we're sure to live a longer, healthier life with lower health care costs too. It is one thing to nod to a program and another thing entirely to do the harder work of making change to support it. We've been advocating for nearly two years for policies and programs that encourage 'active transportation' as we say: moving around town under our own power - namely walking and cycling. We've just not seen any results. Not a cycling-oriented summer recreation program, or improvements to streets and intersections that make cycling safer and more inviting, or even a nod to our state's 'complete streets' law that would make our roads safer for all road users (regardless of age or ability). We've heard it time and again when we talk to people at the Farmers Market about cycling: "It's just not safe." "I'm more comfortable driving." Healthy eating is within our grasp today. Our city needs to do something to make active living a reality here tomorrow. Read more in our post on the program: http://tinyurl.com/c7tlgd4


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