Sugarfina Opens in Beverly Hills

High end candies like champagne gummy bears and marshmallow eggs encompass the boutique on South Santa Monica Boulevard.

Sugarfina, a candy company dubbed as the "Tiffany & Co. of candy," opened at 9495 South Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills on Nov. 23, according to EaterLA.

The business was launched in 2012 in Malibu as an online candy store by Rosie O'Neill and boyfriend Josh Resnick, and the Beverly Hills store makes Sugarfina's first brick and mortar operation.

The store's blue and white color scheme includes sweets such as Tahitian vanilla malt beans, champagne gummy bears, marshmellow eggs, matcha caramels and much more.

For more information visit Sugarfina's website. For more photos of the Beverly Hills store, click here

Cindy Steinburg December 11, 2013 at 11:22 AM
High end?! are you kidding me. last time i checked malted milk balls, cola, peach and other gummies where readily available at your local candy store the only difference is that they wont charge you $35 for ONE POUND!! thats even more than double than what the other "high end" dylans charges. this company is silly! stealing tiffany colors and retrofitting a telsa doesnt make define your company as luxury the founders must really have their noses up in the clouds.


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