Beverly Hills Actress Renée Taylor Stars As Online Entrepreneur

She's started two online dating sites for older people. Taylor also appears in director Tyler Perry's latest "Temptation." Opening Friday it is also about relationships.

You know Renée Taylor.

The hard-working actress has maintained a career over nearly five decades as comedian and dramatic actress.

The long-time Beverly Hills resident reappears on the big screen in Tyler Perry's new outing "Temptation" starting Friday.

It's a film about relationships that work and ones that don't.

Taylor and her husband actor-direct Joseph Bologna have been married for 47 years. They have lived in the same Beverly Hills house for 35 of them, reports the Times.

The Times says that is also where they used to hold marriage encounter groups.

"People came out who had trouble with their relationships and we let them share their problems," Taylor told the Times in a recent interview.

And now the house is where Taylor has built on that experience to create an online dating services, targeting older singles:

Senior Premier Dating

Boomer Dating

According to the Times article, Taylor has also launched a face serum company, Renée Taylor's Face Love.

And she's working with her husband on a new theater piece that should debut at Hollywood Working Stage in May.

Read the full L.A. Times piece here.


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