New Encino Branch of Equinox Fitness Club to Open in December

The club, which began on the east coast, is now staking its claim on the west.

The new branch of national gym and fitness chain Equinox is set to open in Encino in December, according to a member of its membership staff.

The general manager for the Encino membership office, Michael Izzo, said that Equinox is set to make a great addition to the Encino business community.

“I think the Encino community is waiting and looking for [something like us] to come into the area,” Izzo said. “It’s a different experience and people really recognize and want that.” 

Equinox was started about 20 years ago by three siblings who had their own vision of what a club should be.

“They were all athletes in their own right, one was a dancer, one was gymnast in New York City. They were looking for a club that could appeal to them and saw there wasn’t one.... so they came together and started Equinox,” Izzo said.

The reason they chose the name Equinox is because it’s the name of the two times a year where there’s equal day and equal night.

“They wanted that same balance to apply to their club, they believe people should be training their body as well as their mind,” Izzo said. “It’s not just lift weights or do cardio equal mind body yoga, Pilates, massage”

Izzo said that Equinox tries to offer a total body experience to its members.

“It starts from the front desk, when you first walk through the door, our staff makes it a point to know your name,” Izzo said.
From comfort to classes, Izzo said Equinox can offer it all.

“People join our club just for our classes,” Izzo said. “We also provide all the luxuries that you need…for showers we have shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body wash…. it’s a full experience.”

Although the idea for Equinox began in New York, the club has expanded and there are now locations all over the country, including 14 in Southern California.

Izzo said the process of transitioning from the East Coast to the West Coast has been a success.

“It was an easy process for Equinox to branch over to California,” Izzo said. “A lot of times people on the West Coast are more geared towards a healthy lifestyle, they’re more active and enjoy more outdoor things.”

Izzo said that Equinox plans to open more branches in Southern California.

“We still feel like Southern California a completely untapped market,” Izzo said. “We’re going to be preselling a downtown location pretty soon and we have other locations in mind for the future.”

A limited number of charter memberships are now available for people looking to join the new Encino Equinox branch, projected to open in mid to late December this year.

“We’re recruiting so when it opens there’s already that energy, that buzz waiting when you walk through the door,” Michael Izzo, the general manager for the Encino Membership Office said. “If people jump onboard now they can take advantage of a discounted rate.”

Right now, for charter members the club is also holding different preopening events like mixer parties and also plans to host early morning yoga classes in the presale office.

In the meantime, while Equinox is waiting to open its door in Encino, Izzo has some advice for community members to keep in mind over the summer.

“[To stay fit and healthy] doesn’t have to mean you have to spend hours at the gym or count every calorie,” Izzo said. “It’s just making sure to stay as active as you can and take everything in moderation when you eat.”

For more on Equinox check out their Facebook page or Twitter feed.

Vick Tanney III August 06, 2012 at 05:40 PM
Very pricey joint...I prefer lifting for less then $400 a month....
Gerald Elekes August 06, 2012 at 07:09 PM
@Vick... used to work out daily at The Scandinavian Health Spa in Fairlawn, Ohio during the early 1970's. When I first started at the club in 1973, it was called Vic Tanney's, and it was owned by Vic Tanney. He was steller. One day a new sign appeared-- Scandinavian. This was pre-Bally's. Everything was clean and well-maintained, and the trainers were buffed-out, old-school, Italian, New Yorker types--no nonsense. And most importantly, the rates were very affordable. Those days are long gone. Are you one of his grandsons by chance?


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