Go Greek Yogurt Opens on Bedford Drive

The shop in Beverly Hills selling yogurt "to-go" says it is the only store selling actual Greek yogurt.

Credit: Go Greek Yogurt
Credit: Go Greek Yogurt
Go Greek Yogurt opened its doors in heart of Beverly Hills at 452 North Bedford Dr. in late September after owner Tanja Subotic decided to bring this product to America.

Although Greek yogurt has been on the rise in America for the last several years, here's how Go Greek touts its different style from the rest of the competitors:
  • Go Greek is the first actual shop that sells Greek Yogurt to-go – almost like a juicery, frozen yogurt stop or ice cream shop. There is a huge toppings bar of syrups, fruits, nuts, candies, and more, and even a frozen Greek yogurt machine as an option.
  • Unlike Greek yogurt in the U.S., which is technically just “in-the-style-of-Greek-yogurt,” Go Greek’s authentic yogurt is strained, a process that greatly reduces excess water, whey, and lactose, and the grass-fed Greek cow milk is rich in probiotics and protein, a delicious way to eat healthy according to its owners. Go Greek claims to be the only yogurt shop that serves actual Greek Yogurt.
  • One of the goals of Go Greek is encourage customers to rethink their diets; all of the fruit preserve syrups and toppings, olive oil, and honey used are imported from Greece, including the actual yogurt, and the fresh fruits and vegetable toppings are all locally sourced, all-natural, and largely organic produce, ensuring freshness and a commitment to supporting the community.
  • This type of yogurt fits into the Mediterranean diet and represents a new take on conscious living: the Blue Zone lifestyle, which consists of communities throughout the world where a significant portion of the population lives past the age of 100. These communities are share a diet of mostly fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, and probiotic-rich dairy.
For more information, visit its website.


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