French Bistro, Market Opens in Beverly Hills

Monsieur Marcel brings gourmet French cuisine and groceries to the Business Triangle.

A new French bistro and grocery store has joined Beverly Hills' impressive culinary ranks. In addition to savory French fare out of the restaurant's kitchen, the grocery market offers a wide array of gourmet and artisanal products from around the world.

Fine wine, cheeses, chocolate and a multitude of decadent delicacies abound at Monsieur Marcel, the third Los Angeles area eatery established by husband and wife team Stephane and Katy Strouk.

According to the Huffington Post:

Lots of traditional French dishes... salads (nicoise, yes) , soups (a fine onion one), crepes and quiches. My favorite entrees: a succulent beef bourguignon ($19), roasted chicken ($17), and the most popular dish, striped bass ($21). There's a fondue savoyarde for two ($39) several melted cheeses and sides of apple, potato, bresola and cubed breads. Fabulous amuse bouche: think tuna tartare ($15), escargot ($14), Hamachi crudo ($16), Kobe steak tartare ($17) and a merguez croquette (my favorite, $13). Delicious 'crostini' sandwiches from $7 to $10, the latter an Iberico ham with manchego cheese and roasted pepper. The Norwegian smoked salmon ($7) is made with the famous Mon. Marcel home-made caviar cheese and their crusty bread. That bottarga/tuna roe I took home goes into a linguini pasta dish with clams and a white wine butter sauce ($18). The most expensive dish on the menu is the Sole Meuniere ($36), real Dover sole with beurre blanc, a very fair price. The grass-fed beef truffle burger ($18) comes with a choice of several cheeses. Mousse au chocolate and tarte tatin are desserts of choice. You can buy any bottle of wine retail there and, for a corkage of $20, have it with your meal. ...

Paris in Beverly Hills is not a bad idea!

Monsieur Marcel, located at 447 N. Canon Drive, offers full-service breakfast, lunch and dinner daily from 9 a.m.-11 p.m.

Click here to read the entire Huffington Post article.

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