‘Experience Bouchon’ Tonight Along With Legendary Chef Thomas Keller

The Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce invites you to “a muse of entertainment” for all your senses.

For sheer nourishment and pleasure, the French believe, nothing surpasses the art of cooking—and eating—bistro-style food. Although casual in its culinary approach, attention to detail is everything in bistro-cooked food, imparting the liveliest flavors and the perfect balance between ingredients.

In California’s world of bistro food, Thomas Keller is a legend. For those who don’t know about him, he’s the owner of Napa Valley’s upscale French Laundry restaurant—as well as the owner of Bouchon, a small chain of spectacularly successful and relatively affordable bistros and bakeries. In an effort to celebrate the more casual style of cooking that is as old as French culture itself, Keller opened his first bistro in 1998 right next door to the French Laundry.

On Monday, March 11, the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a rare opportunity to meet Keller, along with his stellar team of chefs from around the nation right here in Beverly Hills, at the Bouchon Bistro on Canon Drive. (The chefs include Chef de Cuisine Buchon Bistro David Hands; Executive Pastry Chef Sebastien Rouxel; Pastry Chef and Bouchon Bakery Manager Carolyn Ramos.)

Titled “Experience Bouchon,” the event will feature champagne tastings along with live music and entertainment by Cirque-style performers—against the background of “educational installations” by Dior, Bentley and Rolls Royce.

From 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., attendees will be treated with “a muse of entertainment for all of their senses—sight, sound, smell, touch, and most importantly taste,” according to the Chamber of Commerce invitation.

Chamber members can experience this “exclusive, one-of-a-kind” event for $225. Tickets for non-members cost $275. (Ten member tickets cost $2,000 and 10 non-member tickets $2,500.)

Click here to register for the event online.

For details, contact the event manager at (818) 433-7455 or email the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce at:  experience@beverlyhillschamber.com.

Experience Bouchon
Bouchon Bistro
Monday, March 11, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
235 N. Canon Dr., Beverly Hills


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