Champagne Producers Disagree With Beverly Hills 9OH2O Claim

Luxury water brand based in Beverly Hills stops marketing its phrase "champagne of waters," according to reports.

Credit: Matthew Sanderson
Credit: Matthew Sanderson
High-end water brand Beverly Hills 9OH2O marketing itself as the "champagne of waters" created a rift from those in the champagne industry and decided to stop using the pitch, reports The Wall Street Journal. It launched in April 2013.

The luxury water brand has been available only on the West Coast all year and sells for $5, and $12 or more in restaurants, the newspaper reports.

A "water sommelier" led the Beverly Hills 9OH2O team to obtain spring water from the Sierra Nevada Mountains and add "a concoction" of minerals found naturally in water.

Champagne producers in France did not agree with Beverly Hills 9OH2O comparing the water to champagne, and have reportedly won various legal battles in other cases over the use of the word.

Jon Gluck, founder of Beverly Hills Drink Company, wrote a letter to the French groups explaining the phrase just came naturally after claiming to see lots of consumers use it.

Here's a post from Los Angeles Magazine giving a preview of the business.

Visit Beverly Hills 90H20's website for more information.


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