Brilliant Brentwood Beautician

Whenever I see an over-Botoxed or lifted, stretched and pulled-back face, I thank my lucky stars I can’t afford such craziness. Then I’ll see someone I know to be older than me who looks younger and wonder what their secret is.

I’m not afraid to ask fabulous-looking women to share their beauty secrets, but they usually say the same thing, “Me? I don’t do anything. Just a good moisturizer.” Liar, liar, pants on fire.

It’s all very well to vow you would never have Botox or plastic surgery, but what’s a gal in her nifties gonna do when good genes, moisturizer and drinking buckets of hot water with lemon will only take you so far and you have a limited budget?

Then I discovered Groupon and Living Social where you can purchase massages and facials at a fraction of the usual price.

Businesses hope you’ll try their services at discount prices and like it so much you’ll become a regular customer happy to pay full price. I tried several beauty salons with varying degrees of success. Two hundred bucks for a facial? Really?

Through Living Social, I stumbled upon Martha Weinstein  (www.marthaweinstein.com) who offers a non-invasive facelift at her beauty salon in Brentwood, Los Angeles. I bought three treatments for $79 that would normally cost $100 each.

I could see a difference after my weekly sessions and bought 10 more at full price. “Yes, that’s a thousand bucks and we’re on an economy drive,” I told my husband. “But have you looked up the cost of a mini-facelift lately? Ten grand!”

Weinstein’s system works by revitalizing skin cells with a low-level electric current calibrated to activate the natural energy in your skin.

 “Just like your body, your face needs an exercise program. This technology stimulates facial muscles to exercise themselves so they maintain their tone and youthful glow for years to come,” Weinstein said as she applied the current to my face using hand-held electrodes while I lay on a massage table.

It feels like a 25-minute gentle massage, but the result is quite dramatic and immediate as collagen production and elasticity is increased.

My skin definitely looked smoother and more radiant after each session and less jowly. I speak as someone who has been looking in the mirror and checking for sustained improvement on an hourly basis.

Weinstein recommends a monthly maintenance session to keep young and beautiful. Before you say, “Well, she would recommend that, wouldn’t she?” here’s why I’m seriously thinking about it. Weinstein is 89 years old and her skin looks pretty amazing. She still works two full days a week at her salon and has 65 years’ experience in the beauty business.

Born in Buenos Aires in 1924, Weinstein studied law and physical education with a view to inspiring Argentinean women to be more independent, especially financially. Then fate intervened and she was offered a chance to host her own TV show. She became the Argentine Oprah and a best-selling author.

“Not many people had TVs in Argentina in those days,” Weinstein said, “but those who did only had one station. If people wanted to watch television, they had to watch me. I received so much publicity that Martha Weinstein became a well-known brand – this was in the days long before branding was a buzzword. The network allowed me to do whatever I wanted on my show, and I started to include everything related to beauty and self-esteem.”

About to celebrate her 60th birthday and recently widowed, Weinstein endured another major blow. Like most people in Argentina at that time, she suffered the effects of rampant inflation. Her once thriving business and savings became worthless, so she moved to the United States where her brother and sister lived to begin a new life.

At an age when most people would be thinking about retiring, Weinstein opened a beauty spa in Brentwood, offering clients a chance to look younger naturally.

“I understand that plastic surgery helps people who have no other choice if they need to correct a deformity,” Weinstein said, “but I wouldn’t recommend taking such a big risk exclusively for reasons of vanity. There are so many negative aspects to it: It can be really painful and take a long time to heal. Often people don’t look how they had hoped after it and it can affect them psychologically. I’ve learned to mistrust plastic surgery after all the bad examples I’ve seen. I much prefer a natural look.”

You and me both, Martha.



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