'Beverly Hills Nannies' Premiers Wednesday

Tricia Leigh Fisher, a star of the new ABC Family reality series, speaks about the show and the city.

Beverly Hills Nannies, a new reality television show, premiers Wednesday at 9 p.m. on the ABC Family channel.

The latest from the producers of Beverly Hills Housewives, the new series focuses on "the perspective of the ... people that work for these affluent families and the relationship between them," said Tricia Leigh Fisher, who along with her husband Byron and three sons—ages 17, 9 and 3—co-stars on the show.

"A lot of the people on the show are sort of high-maintenance types, myself not being included in that," Fisher said with a chuckle. "I'm probably the least high-maintenance chick around, but I guess they needed a little of that for balance."

Fisher, an actress who has lived in Beverly Hills for most of her life and attended Beverly Hills High School, comes from a musically oriented show business family. Her father was singer Eddie Fisher, and her mother is actress/singer Connie Stevens. Actress Joely Fisher is her sister and actress Carrie Fisher is her half-sister.

Fisher's husband by chance ran into a producer scouting for the show while in an elevator at his production office in Beverly Hills where he works as an editor. Not long afterward the family was weighing an offer to be part of the Beverly Hills Nannies cast.

By coincidence Fisher was considering hiring a nanny to help make family life run a bit less hectically.

"At first I thought it was ridiculous. I thought it was a joke," Fisher said. "But when I met with the people, it kind of kept evolving and they pursued us because they really liked who we were and I think they really needed an intact family like ours in the show, they really wanted that represented."

Fisher and her clan considered the offer that included full-time nanny service as well as rolling cameras and decided to participate.

"They kind of pursued it and offered it to us, and we thought it over—and we get a nanny—we felt like it would be fun and an adventure. We went for it," Fisher said.

"People have a lot of misconceptions about Beverly Hills and Beverly Hills people," she added. "I love running into people that I have a history with that knew me when I was a teenager. ... I feel like I have a connection to the place because I've been here so long. I'm one of the rare natives."

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Diane Smith July 22, 2012 at 10:18 PM
It’s refreshing to have someone on the show like Tricia Leigh Fisher, who hasn’t let fame and monetary status go to her head. I appreciate that she’s nice and was into it for the adventure, not because she wants nothing to do with her kids. This aspect of the show brings to light the fact there are people with nannies who aren’t mean. I was excited when my Dish coworker told me this show was going to be on, because I love it. Thankfully I recently downloaded the Dish Remote Access app. It saves me time and I’m able to set up timers on my DVR, watch live and recorded shows all on my phone.
Marie Cunningham (Editor) August 20, 2012 at 07:20 PM
Note to readers: The show premiered on a Wednesday, but now it airs Tuesday's at 9 p.m.


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