'Beverly Hills Cop' Reboot Finds Home at CBS

The television show will focus on a young police officer working the Beverly Hills beat.

Beverly Hills Cop is coming back...as a television show on CBS.

The three film installments of the popular action comedy franchise—the second was directed by —follows Eddie Murphy's character "Axel Foley," a Detroit police officer who takes his crime-fighting skills to Beverly Hills. The television reboot will focus on Foley's son, Aaron, who is working the Beverly Hills beat while trying to step out of his father's shadow.

CBS put in a pilot production order for Beverly Hills Cop and faces a large penalty if the show is not picked up as a series, according to Variety.

Murphy has agreed to appear in the pilot and will likely be a recurring character on the show if more episodes are ordered by CBS, Variety reports. Shawn Ryan, creator of The Shield, is working with Murphy to develop the storyline and would serve as the showrunner for Beverly Hills Cop if it is picked up as a series.

To find out more about the development of Beverly Hills Cop for the small screen, read Variety's report here.

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