Photo: Where is This Beverly Hills Landmark?

"Gordon and Lily" by Victor Salmones sits at what busy Beverly Hills intersection?

"Gordon and Lily" by Victor Salmones. Credit: Matthew Sanderson
"Gordon and Lily" by Victor Salmones. Credit: Matthew Sanderson

Do you like to take pictures? Have you recently captured a shot of something neat in town?

I've been strolling downtown this week and caught the wonderful sculpture of "Gordon and Lily" by Victor Salmones. It appears Gordon and Lily are a bit hesitant to cross the busy street, but what street are they looking at?

Better yet, what's the cross street where this landmark sits?

Send us your favorite shot from around Beverly Hills and it could become our Photo of the Day! What's the easiest way to get your photos posted? Send to matthew.sanderson@patch.com or post to the announcements board.
George Vreeland Hill September 12, 2013 at 04:42 PM
I have a photo of this and it is on S (Little) Santa Monica Boulevard near Sprinkles, but across the street.


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