New Souffle at Luxe Rodeo Drive Brings the Chocolate and the Heat

An investigative reporter always has time to some first-hand digging.

Photo courtesy the Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel.
Photo courtesy the Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel.
Covering such a large swath of the Southland these days, I rarely get out of the editor's "cave." But when the Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel offered a ramekin of its new chocolate souffle to try, I made a beeline to Beverly Hills.

Yes, journalists can't be bought ... except if the currency is in chocolate.

The people who brought the city the 15,000-slice Beverly Hills birthday cake are again teaming up with Guittard Chocolate for the souffle.

But truth be told, it's not the chocolate that's going to knock your socks off, it's the bit of heat that follow. From what? Executive Chef David O. Padilla wasn't saying. But addictive it was.

He did say that the souffle is a step in the direction of having all desserts made on site. And, he'll be ordering some larger ramekins for sharing. 


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