Beverly Hills Has the Most Swimming Pools in the L.A. Basin

"Big Atlas of L.A. Pools" encompasses complex computer mapping system to catalogue the more than 43,000 swimming pools across the L.A. Basin, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Two men took an interest in the thousands of shimmering blue swimming pools visible across Los Angeles and, through computer mapping programs, uncovered that Beverly Hills has the most per capita (2,481) in the L.A. Basin, reports the Los Angeles Times.

German graphic designer Benedikt Gross and UCLA graduate and MIT research assistant Joseph Lee created the "Big Atlas of L.A. Pools," totaling approximately 41,123 pools in the region.

Starting by using satellite photos available from the National Agriculture Imagery Program, using various crowdsourcing services and eight publicly available databases, including the Times' Mapping L.A. and county assessor's data, the duo published 6,000 pages in 74 printed volumes.

The research shows Watts and Florence have no pools, and Benedikt and Lee did not include the San Fernando Valley.

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Do you own a pool?
kelly chin December 06, 2013 at 01:50 PM
I hope no public money was spent on this project. Though it confirms what most have suspected. Its not fair only the rich can afford pools, the government should confiscate and make the pools available to all that don't have one. Why should the rich enjoy life? Personally I don't care, maintenance headache, insurance nightmare, some kid drowns in the pool and guess who gets sued? If people want to go swimming let them go swim in the ocean and let the equal opportunity predators like jellyfish, sharks go at them everybody gets to swim in raw sewage from rich and poor toilets alike "look ma, celebrity poop!" this story is about as enlightening as saying only rich women can afford $1K designer shoes...


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